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Perspectives | Second Quarter 2017
Fixed-Income Strategies for a Rising-Rate Environment and Investment Shock Absorbers
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Perspectives | First Quarter 2017
Asset Allocation 101 and Navigating the New Normal: Fixed-Income Investing in a World of Mounting Risks
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Perspectives | Fourth Quarter 2016
Presidential Elections and the Stock Market and Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
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Perspectives | Third Quarter 2016
Boom, Bust, Bounceback? Housing in the U.S. and Top 10 Ways to Avoid Becoming Phishing Bait
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Perspectives | Second Quarter 2016
Will China Go Boom or Bust? and Interest Rate Risk: Why Duration Matters
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Perspectives | First Quarter 2016
6 Things Investors Should Remember During Times of Turmoil and Why You Can’t Afford to Wait to Save for Retirement
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Perspectives | Fourth Quarter 2015
Why All Generations Should Practice Wise Financial Planning and Stay the Course, Despite Recent U.S. Stock Market Volatility
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Perspectives | Third Quarter 2015
Making Benchmarks More Personal and Gravel Road Investing
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Perspectives | Second Quarter 2015
Is Your Life Insurance Policy on Auto Pilot? And The Rule of 72
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Perspectives | First Quarter 2015
Five Reasons Economic Optimism Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution and Simple Tips for Smooth IRA Rollovers
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Perspectives | Fourth Quarter 2014
While markets have tended to perform well over the long term, many stock and bond investors have underperformed. Why? The underperformance is often due to poor investor behavior, such as buying at market peaks and selling at market lows.
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Perspectives | Third Quarter 2014
Despite continued resilience of the fixed income sector, investor anxiety regarding interest rates remains. However, this fear is not justified by actual bond market behavior; there is a gap between what is actually happening and what investors believe is happening. If you’re an investor with income needs or carry a strategic allocation to fixed income, you probably shouldn’t worry about a bursting bond bubble.
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Perspectives | Second Quarter 2014
The world’s most famous squire, Sancho Panza, cautioned Don Quixote that, “It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket.” In addition to Quixote, investors would be wise to follow Sancho’s sage advice. Many investors’ portfolios are over-concentrated in specific sectors, countries and, in many cases, the company for which they work.
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Perspectives | Fourth Quarter 2013
Despite U.S. markets returning to record highs recently, many investors are anxious that a major pullback is around the corner. While a pullback is always possible, a better understanding of the markets fundamental drivers can help reduce your investment fears.
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Perspectives | Third Quarter 2013
Diversified portfolios can help investors when interest rates rise because different asset classes react differently to changes in rates. Since no one knows exactly when interest rates will rise or fall, a diversified portfolio may also prevent investors from losing out on return opportunities that are available to disciplined investors.
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