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The Spire Group PC is a merger that recently united two of the region’s leading full-service CPA and Consulting firms, both dedicated to providing excellent client service.

Founded in 1975, the firm Carr, Daley, Sullivan & Weir, boasted unique expertise in financial planning, wealth management, litigation and forensics. They also provided services to various governmental entities in the State of New Jersey. With roots dating back to 1986, SGA Group, PC was a firm progressive in technology services and was proud to serve a large not-for-profit niche. Over the years, SGA was ranked by Inc5000, NJBIZ and Accounting Today.

Together, we are uniquely positioned to put our proven business experience and dedicated team of professionals to work for you, offering an even more comprehensive set of solutions. The combined company includes offices in Livingston, Clark and Jersey City, NJ.

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